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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

So to kick off the New Year here is a sort of reflection of events relating to the above title. On December 15th my nephew Kevin Clifton picked up the Glitterball with his partner Stacey Dooley winning Strictly Come Dancing at his sixth attempt. A few weeks before the final I had been invited by Kevin to the studios at Elstree and in the green room afterwards he said that he thought it was unlikely that he could win. There were many talented celebrities all working hard for the trophy. He also said that Stacey was one of the hardest workers he had known and that he would like to win particularly for her, as she really put in the hours. Stacey and Kevin were working fourteen hour days so that they could say they give it their all.

Me, Kevin and Stacey

Well tenacity and hard work paid off with the public voting for Kevin and Stacey despite their position on the leader board. So why was the public vote different to the judges vote? Firstly, it is an entertainment show and voters vote for their favourite people, for the extent of someone’s learning (the journey) and for the dancing. Who knows they may also vote for the costume they liked best or the fact that they have the same name as the professional dancer or celebrity. We do like a grafter in this country though and it was evident to all how hard Kevin and Stacey had worked to achieve their performances. I think Craig awarding Kevin a nine for his Paso Doble may also have inspired people to reach for their phone and vote. It certainly got me very cross and shouting at the TV. I know I voted more then.

It was a good feeling for Kevin and Stacey and although a bit of a shock for Kevin on the evening, there was a nice warm thought that people had taken the time to vote and seen the work that had been put in. Well done Kevin and Stacey - this is the GOOD part of the story.

Almost immediately social media was alive with comment, a lot of it so negative and vitriolic that you might have wondered if anyone had actually voted for Kevin and Stacey. Shouts of fix and comments about Stacey and Kevin were personal and harsh. I do wonder whether the loudest voices had actually voted for their favourites or just thought they should win and were then disappointed. This is a fairly adjudicated public vote (a bit like Brexit) and like Brexit those that lost felt that they could gloss over the vote and just be rude. Argument should never be so personal. I felt so bad for Kevin. I do hope he avoided reading it. After all the majority of the public voters voted for Stacey and Kevin.

Everyone deserves credit but there was only one winning couple. If all you want to say is something BAD keep quiet. You gave your opinion when you voted.

And so we move swiftly on to the UGLY. The attack on AJ and Curtis Pritchard in a night club was senseless and cruel. Fuelled by alcohol the attack injured both dancers and caused distress and pain. We can only speculate on motive. It could have been an attack on celebrity, jealousy or just plain violent behaviour. It left the boys with mental and physical scars and I am sure we would all wish them well for the future.

As a moral of the Good, Bad and Ugly story, please resolve to be the change you want to see in the world: Do a good turn for someone, say something nice and treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

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