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Thinking of training as a professional dance teacher or want to take more qualifications for your Continuing Professional Development?  Dance Action has a proven record of training dancers for teaching qualifications with the IDTA.  Lynn is an experienced trainer of dance teachers and those wishing to further their qualifications for Continuing Professional Development. Not only is this world-class training, but Lynn’s students benefit from ongoing support from one of the industry’s most experienced practitioners.


Now is the time to take action and start training to do one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.  Train with Lynn at Dance Action and gain qualifications with the IDTA.  The IDTA  is recognized in over 50 countries and has over 7000 members.  Realise your dream of opening your own dance school or continue training to become an Examiner or a Fellow of the IDTA.


Taking continuing Professional Development is a key component of being a professional. You widen your knowledge and upgrade your profile and standing in the profession.

'Passion - Knowledge - Integrity

The three essential requirements of a Dance Teacher'

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