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Dance Action provides a range of consultancy services to business, to dance studios and dance teachers.  Working with us will provide you with specialized knowledge, supporting both business, staff development, and teamwork opportunities.

Whether your intentions are to increase revenue, change the focus of your dance business or to have mentorship in your work, Dance Action has the solutions.

Our team of specialised associates work with groups and individuals to problem solve, manage change or enhance teamwork.




  • Team building

  • Disability dance and Inclusion

  • Professional training IDTA

  • How to organise a Medal Assessment IDTA

  • Engaging with the public sector (schools)

  • Providing professional cover for your classes whilst you are away


Dance Action is a dance school and consultancy company specialising in creating opportunities for networking, problem solving and knowledge development in dance.


Dance Action seeks to make a positive difference to dance by empowering and inspiring dancers and teachers to fulfil their potential.  We believe that the sharing of knowledge enriches all members of the dance community by creating harmony and stronger communication in the profession.


  • Over 28 years experience 

  • Passionate about Dance

  • Fellow, Examiner, and Director of the IDTA

  • Competitive rates for tuition

  • Expert technical knowledge

  • Friendly and approachable

We believe everyone has the capacity to dance and is the reason why we take care to nurture and develop the joy of dance in everyone we teach.

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