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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

This week saw our American colleagues celebrating Thanksgiving. This is a public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The first ever Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims, after their first harvest in the 1621.

In America it is a family time. It is often at these times we get the time and opportunity to reflect on our life. I was struck by a post from a colleague who is in America at the moment .

At first I felt blessed that I have all these things and I felt lucky and then I started thinking about all those who do not have food, a place to step, illness and those who are unable to read.

We are all entrepreneurs and need to make money to provide but when making money becomes the master we need to take a step back. Honestly, do we need all those possessions when there are people in the world who are starving? What can we do to make a change? We are all already blessed with the gift of dance.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

As we approach Christmas let’s all make our own changes.

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