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Hancox and Judging Criteria

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

This week I have been extra busy decluttering. I am a convert to Marie Kondo “The magic Art of tidying”. I am actually on a second declutter as I don’t think I was as certain the first time I did it a year ago as to what items, clothing etc. really bring me joy.

The charity shops are certainly benefiting. Whilst going through some old memories and write ups about my dance career I found an article by Major Eric Hancox. It was written after the Professional final in the early 80’s. It resonated with me following one of my earlier blogs about criteria for judging competitions.

He writes “All this reinforces statements I have made in the past – we have no definite criteria with which we can assess present day performances. It is as I said like trying to assess the comparative qualities of an apple, an elephant, and a grandfather clock. So the judges hammer someone for being too way-out, and when he attempts to please, clobber him because he is now scarcely visible amongst all the happy extroverted exhibitionists. But – shouldn’t they be assessing subtlety, musical feeling, character, at least as well as the other aspects? Or is the demand for a sound basic conception only lip service, and the reality just a response to the roar of the crowd?”

It is now 2018 and we still have no criteria and are still discussing. Do we need criteria? What are we basing our decisions on?

I hope it provides some food for thought.

I am off to the London Meeting of the fabulous IDTA this weekend so lots of pictures and comment next week. I hope to meet up with friends longstanding and new.

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