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Be A Fountain, Not A Drain

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

I am feeling motivated this week and am taking positive steps to inspire others and give more. Although I am by nature generous (a trait I inherited from my Mum) I can also be a bit of a moaner finding fault with things.

Rex Hudler, an American former Major League Baseball player said that people are either fountains or drains and it can be applied to lots of situations. When we are sharing good spirit it spreads and multiplies just like a fountain but when we are low in spirit we can make others miserable. Very small things such as people not doing their job correctly, or things not quite going to plan sometimes aggravate me, but really does it matter much?

Of course I might also be aggravated by insincerity such as those in shops in America constantly telling me to have a nice day. Generally however if you surround yourself with positive, sincere and honest people your life will be so much better.

Ask yourself this question: How do you think you have positively impacted someone’s life today? If you can’t find an answer then try to do better tomorrow.

It would not take much to have a positive impact on those you come into contact with. Let’s all be more forgiving and see the good in people and situations.

For those who know me well please remind me to be a fountain if I forget!

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