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Using Seasonal Marketing in your Dance School

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

As we are gripped with Royal Wedding Fever many of you dance teachers will have already arranged and be enjoying your own celebrations with students. Events planned might include a special buffet/dinner dance for adults or a red/white and blue party for the youngsters.

It is these social events which act like glue to cement the relationship you have with the people who attend your dance school. The best way to get organized is to start at the beginning of the year with a calendar and write on it all the main events of the year.

These could include:

Valentines Day

St. Davids Day

St. Patricks Day

Pancake Day

Mothering Sunday


April 1st All Fools Day

May Day

Wimbledon fortnight


Harvest Festival

Bonfire Night

St. Andrews Day


From there you could plan for special parties and events/attendance at dances/ dance holidays etc.

With childrens’ classes there are other things you can do though to keep interest. The list is endless. You could get the children to dress in a different colour for one class every month, or to bring pictures about certain events. How about inviting a special guest such as a fireman or nurse? You can create a dance which could be presented to the special guest on the day.

You should also consider this as an opportunity to do something for the community good and raise some money for charity.

Of course this all takes planning but it can be done in a week and then all the venues can be booked in advance. We all know the five P’s. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance and if this all seems too much for you, you should re- read my blog about Strengths and Weaknesses.

There are many opportunities to create events and special memories within your dance school.

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