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IDTA Nationwide Finals

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to adjudicate at the IDTA Nationwide Championships at the wondrous Winter Gardens, Blackpool last weekend. It was very full and we saw a wide range of abilities with the best being awesome.

Having been a competitor in the dance world I can say that from my own experience I did not enjoy competitive dancing particularly. This despite achieving major titles such as the British and the International Championships. However, I was grateful for the opportunity to experience competitive dance. Standing on the floor adjudicating, assessing talent and giving my opinion, I was enchanted by the magic of the experience. What dancer would not grasp the chance to dance on the floor at the Winter Gardens to beautiful music, in beautiful clothes with such glamour.

Thanks to my mixed experience in competitive dance I did not introduce my own students to the world of competing but as I look back on a lifetime of teaching I may have done them a disservice. If I was starting again I might encourage my students to enjoy the thrill of the competitive dance world. Why not consider it if you have not done this? It can bring huge financial benefits to your school as students want to progress and take private lessons and it develops a club atmosphere too as dancers cheer on others at competitions. It really is nothing to be afraid of and the IDTA have competitions for medallists. You can start by contacting your local IDTA area.

It is not about being the best but about being the best that you can be. Provide as many opportunities for your students as possible.

On a personal note two lovely things happened to me at Blackpool. Someone who had not seen me for forty years told me how much they had enjoyed my dancing when I competed and someone took time to let me know how much they liked my dress when I was judging. They may not have been important comments to those that made them, but my day was so much better for hearing them. When we make a nice comment we may never know the impact it has had on someone but we can be sure it will be better than saying nothing.

Make someone’s day today.

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