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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Today 12th October, 2018 is my 33rd Wedding anniversary. John and I met on a

P and O ship called the Sea Princess. John was working as a ventriloquist and I as a dance performer and teacher.

I will be celebrating my anniversary by teaching some private lessons. Then at the weekend I will be examining but John and I will have a nice dinner together whilst we reflect on the day we got married, the kindness and generosity of our friends on the day and the love we still share. We got married on a turn round day in Southampton. Anyone who has cruised will tell you that the turn round day is important as you wander round your home port stocking up on your toiletries and sorting out all your business at home.

Even so with their busy schedules we were supported on the day by many of our fellow cabaret artists from the ship: Cruise Director Roger Lee, who was on leave and drove back to Southampton to be John’s best man; Kathy Lewis a wonderful female vocalist from the ship who sang Ava Maria and was our other witness; Veronica McSwiney the ship’s classical pianist who played the organ at the Seaman’s mission chapel for us; Ron Dale comedian, who played the bagpipes as we came out of the venue Marie and Pepe, a Spanish singing and guitar playing duo who took the video for us and many of our family and friends. We also were greeted as we came out by many of the ship’s company: A magical day.

Our Wedding Day

There were others to consider though. My marriage to my dancing partner Alan had broken down and we had been dancing and working for some time in a relationship where everything was not as it seemed. Our parting was difficult, even though I know it was right for us both. Alan is now happily married to a lovely lady in Canada and enjoying a wonderful retirement following his successful dancing work in Toronto.

Relationships can be very difficult and this makes me think about all the news this week surrounding Katya Jones on Strictly. It seems everyone has an opinion. Should they stay on the show, why did they behave so badly? Their appearance on It Takes Two was cringeworthy. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable and sad for everyone involved. I think what I want to say this week is let us all have some compassion and move on. We can not and should not be party to the details of someone else’s relationship. Relationships are difficult and complicated. People are complicated. Life is complicated and I feel sure no one regrets this as much as the two people involved. Yes it was reckless, inconsiderate and naïve. In truth though we don’t know the back story or need to know.

My back story for the break down of my marriage was also complicated but resulted in Alan and I ending up very happy with new partners. Heaven knows how much more difficult it would have been if it had been played out in the public eye.

What I am trying to say is let us all have more compassion. People make mistakes, things happen for a reason. Let’s all concentrate on our own failings and try to be better people.

Meanwhile I will be raising a glass to 33 years of happy marriage to my wonderful husband John. Thanks mate I could never have achieved what I have done without you.

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